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prompt_ifu_want June quote

Prompt Quote: I was going to the worst place in the world and I didn't even know it yet. - Apocalypse Now

“Rose Tyler…”

He was gone, vanished from sight. Not an image of the Doctor, not ghost image, just nothing. Nothing but the pain in her heart. Tears fell down her cheeks as the wind pushed her hair into her face, she stood alone on the beach, alone and crying.

Turning she looked over to where her parents stood with Mickey, the three of them watching and waiting, not knowing what was happening to her. But Jackie saw the tears as Rose turned towards them, she saw that broken look in her daughters eyes, one she had held within her own when Pete had died those nineteen years ago.

Rose ran to Jackie, Jackie ran to Rose, Mother holding onto her daughter as her heart broke and shattered so completely. She was only nineteen and she had lost so much in her life and now she had lost the man who she had been willing to give everything up to stay with. But now the world seemed that little darker, the will to keep going, to keep fighting was slipping from inside. She needed him, she needed him so much.

The journey from the beach was silent. Head leaning against the door, Rose looked out and watched the world go by through teary eyes. She looked for any sign of him finding a way thought, she always had, the mobile in her hands was glanced upon once in a while to make sure he hadn’t called. But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t and Rose couldn’t accept that. The doctor had been her everything for so long, she couldn’t just give up, he always found a way, the Doctor loved puzzles and this was just another one. Even though Rose knew she was kidding herself, she couldn’t help but hope.

In the hotel that night she laid awake, just waiting to hear his voice whispering her name but when sleep came, there had been no whispers. There had been no sign of him.

Rose Tyler, defender of Earth, lost in this world and searching for her lost love, her lost friend, who was living his life alone in his TARDIS so far away from her. They could occupy the same space at the same time and never see one another again, they were worlds apart and both that little bit broken from the events of the Earth War. But she wouldn’t give up hope, she wouldn’t stop searching the skies or checking her phone. She would always listen for the sounds of his engines and for a glimpse of a smile that could brighten up the day and the touch of a hand that meant so much more to her than company.
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